2018 is an election year, again. But with so many candidates running for so many offices, it lot to try figure out.

If had extra time on your hands, you could do your own research, and probably track down all the candidates websites, email and contact info, but no need. done already!

Wanna know who is running for Mayor?

Our Seven Mayoral Candidates — Only Two will make it thru the Primary — Who will You choose?

And what about the Twenty-four County Council Candidates?

24 Is not as much as 29 candidates back in 2002, but still plenty!

And if you would like to go direct to the source and learn about other State like Governor, Lt.Governor, or OHA races can check this out the entire official Hawaiʻi State data base on all the candidates for every content on every island. Can use specific terms to narrow the search easy-peazy.



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