2018 is an election year. Again. With so many candidates running, itʻs a lot to track down. Good news – no need. Done already! Below is all the candidate websites, email, telepone & mail address 

TWO Primary Races on Kauauʻi:

1. MAYOR, County of Kauaʻi

SEVEN Candidates for Mayor
VOTE for no more than ONE
Top TWO advance to the General

7 Mayoral Candidates — Top 2 Advance to the General — Whom will You choose?

2. COUNCIL, County of Kauaʻi

Twenty-fourCouncil Candidates
VOTE for no more than SEVEN
Top FOURTEEN advance to Nov

Of the 24 Candidates, 14 Will Advance to the General. Whom will you choose?

BUT WAIT — Thereʻs More!

3. NEW section OHA — Office of Hawaiian Affairs — (a State Entity)

OHA is Complicated — This is Simple: Support for TMT = NO Vote for YOU!

If you would like to go direct to the source and learn about other State races like Governor, Lt.Governor and a whole bunch more, try check this out the entire official Hawaiʻi State data base on all the candidates for every contest on every island. Can use specific terms to narrow the search. easy-peazy, if you one techno nerd, but for me it was a chunk of effort, now all available to you.



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