“Jonathan Jay has the zeal, sincerity, focus, creativity, and integrity to meet the demands of public service!  Please join me and VOTE for Jonathan!”

—  Jose Bulatao, Jr. aka “MrB”,  Kekaha, Kaua`i

 “I am so grateful Jonathan Jay is on the ballot! Please join me making sure your vote counts, and helping get him elected to the KIUC Board!”

— Joel Guy,  Hanalei, Kaua`i  

“With Jonathan Jay on the KIUC board, it certainly won’t be business as usual! Join me in voting for JJ to help KIUC operate like a true Co-op — he is not afraid to speak truth to power!”

— Felicia Cowden, Kilauea, Kaua`i

“Jonathan Jay is the only candidate whom I believe has the integrity to maintain independant thought if elected. Please join me in voting for Jonathan Jay and making a better cooperative for our island.”

— Adam Asquith,  Kapa`a Kaua`i



Recent Newspaper Coverage in TGI —> external link to Waimea KIUC Candidate Forum

jonathan jay –> external link to KIUC Video Message

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Aloha e Kakou. My name is jonathan jay.

What do YOU think makes for a better Coop? Plug-in, Turn-on & Power-up — your feedback matters!

The annual KIUC election in March is a chance for you to make your voice heard and make a positive difference for our affordable & sustainable energy future.

I donʻt claim to have all the answers, but consider these three questions…

Do you feel KIUC is doing all it can to:

  • Reduce our electrical bills by reducing overhead and promoting effective conservation measures and affordable clean power for all?
  • Keep our energy dollars invested on-island and circulating inside our local economy by reducing our dependency on diesel & debt?
  • Inform & Engage Members, Empower Community with transparency of action that involves us all in the strategic decision making?

If you agree with me that the good people of our Utility could be doing more in each of these three areas, then I humbly ask for one of your three votes for KIUC Board of Directors — to help KIUC become a better Electrical Coop, and better serve the community and island of Kaua`i…

Please take this opportunity to make your voice heard and VOTE this election.
Please work with me to help KIUC become a better Electrical Coop.
Please remind your friends and family to also vote.

Mahalo nui loa,
jonathan jay
212.7686 jjkauai AT gmail.com


Campaign donations still graciously received!
— mail checks to:

 jonathan jay  5956 Lokelani Rd.  Kapa`a, HI 96746

Mahalo & Aloha Nui Loa,  jonathan jay