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What is a SUPER Voter?

Super Voters vote early, often,  and never miss an election. SuperVoters get their ballots a month month early. Super Voters are the voters politicians are forced to pay attention to.  Because Super Voters are the ones who tip the balance and decide their fate in a close election… and on tiny Kauaʻi ALL our elections are close!

How do YOU become a Super Voter? Super-simple! Go online right now “Permanent Absentee Application”. In a matter of minutes, You will be a Super Voter too!

Now, you donʻt have go the ballot box, the ballot will come to You!

No more guessing what district or precinct you are in.  No more wondering what candidates or questions might be on your ballot — because you have it in your hand! And no more rushing around on the last day of the election trying to figure out where you have to go, or how you should vote, because you will receive your ballot in the mail almost a month before.

Unsure about an issue or candidate? is here to help you every step of the way, with tools, tips, links to the candidates and issues so you can cast your vote with confidence and know it counts!

And when you help your friends become SuperVoters too, Congradulations! You didnʻt just vote, you started a movement. BOOM! Guess who just tipped the sales, changed the outcome of this election — that’s right; You and some brand new Super Voters!

Suddenly, “no vote, no grumble” become “ready to rumble!” Spread the word about #KauaiCAN