Round About

Wanting to find something new, she searched low and high before coming to her senses, and diving down into and up thru the depths of her soul.

Welcome to my whorled“, an intriguingly friendly voice beckoned softly — from somewhere surprisingly closeish; not too too far away inside… her invisible head space?  Perhaps? Nope.

“Hey Love, over here!” she heard again — from within… her solar plexus?  She thought, somewhat less perhapsedly.

“If you didn’t think you were so damn smart, you would have found me a long time ago, because I am right here where I have always been. Its where we always are (there really is no other place).

“We reverberate within heart space.  It is how and where (and why) we endure.

“It’s the center of our every universe (look at your fingertips — so many whorleds!). Itʻs what we were put here to do.  Create and hold and nurture that living space, so that We, as that fractal of all being, can so too love it into being.  Share our Hā into it, so that it too can Eminate. And Grow. And Love.  And Evolve.  Like us, only different!  Like Dark Energy, only more bright!   And Massive.

“It’s really more of a frequency than a place, or a volume than a space, but you can think of it in any way you wish… cuz it’s not about thinking!  It’s about being.  And love.  And a great patient timefullness. Hoʻomanawa Nui!

“So, Welcome to the Summit of your inner Mauna, the Tau of Now. Behold, Everywhere The Present!  As ever it has always been!

“Happy Birthday Love!  Come Play!”

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