Aloha Kauaʻi Nei!

Aloha! Thank You for visiting

Our Island is small, but itʻs heart is immense.  Just like after hurricane Iniki in 1992, and again after our recent freakish floods in April 2018, Kauaʻi is once again showing the world that with our island communitiesʻ grit, courage, determination, and Aloha, there is nothing  a united Kauaʻi canʻt do.

It is in this spirit that is intended to become your number one online resource to inform, engage and empower you as a voter.  It is here we will share insights & resources: information, links, tips and tactics so you and your ʻohana can all become registered super-voters, and have maximum positive impact in the outcome of our upcoming 2018 local elections.  Our beautiful island home deserves nothing less.

Whether you were grown here, or flown here, if you have true love in your heart for Kauaʻi, l look forward to hearing from you.  As we share ideas and as this site grows, I also look forward to working with You to make an invaluable community resource. One that empowers us all to help restore the health and vitality of all Kauaʻi for generations to come.

Together, we are unstoppable.

Jonathan Jay,  Kauaʻi

email: jjkauai AT